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Cleaning and repair service for leather furniture

Your leather sofa is a collector’s item, but is it already showing clear signs of wear? Has it taken a lot of punishment, or perhaps even suffered some damages? Faded? No worries - our leather specialists will repair or recondition it for you and soon have it looking as good as new again! They repair standard furniture as well as antique pieces, car leather trims and leather interiors of yachts or aircrafts. Our extensive experience and leather expertise enable us to tell you exactly what is possible in regard to reconditioning your leather furniture, and also what the limits are.

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We will show you in several short videos how we renovate an old, heavily used leather sofa step by step here:



What types of leather damage and wear can be repaired?

Holes, burn marks, tears, cuts, abrasions and scratches:

Depending on the size of the damaged area, a local repair is made and the affected area blends in again seamlessly. For larger areas of damage, a new patch can be made which is coloured to match the original leather ideally.

Colour wear and fading

In these cases, the leather is re-pigmented, restoring the freshness of the original tone. If the leather is greasy, a special grease solvent draws the deep-seated grease shines out of the leather and returns it to its original colour. Brittle and dry leather will be re-oiled and, if necessary, partially recovered.

We can remove fresh stains of all kinds

and ballpoint pen marks, and colour-match the treated leather again.

Do you want something new, without buying anything new? We can also re-dye your leather furniture, for instance from brown to black. Also, nubuck covers, for example, can be retreated and transformed into smooth leather.

Find out about this without obligation via our information hotline. Our highly qualified leather and furniture experts will be pleased to give you advice, without any obligation and tailored to your request. Simply give us a call: Telephone +49 7251 / 9625 - 0.