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CARAVAN Interior Care Set

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KERALUX Leather Cleaner: Ideal for thorough cleaning of leather seats. The wash-active foam of the KERALUX® Strong Cleaner cleans leather gently yet thoroughly from older, water-soluble stains and dirt from daily use. Ideally suited for all types of leather.

KERALUX Leather Care: Intensive care for leather seats. The deeply effective KERALUX® Care Lotion P provides genuine leather with valuable moisture and gentle refatting. At the same time, it renews the protection against water, grease and dirt of all kinds. Suitable for all pigmented/covered smooth leathers as well as semi-aniline.

SEDICUR Cleaner: Ideal for intensive cleaning of artificial leather. SEDICUR®Cleaner is ideal for the intensive cleaning of artificial leather furniture. Especially oily- and greasy stains as well as colour abrasion, e.g. from jeans, can be removed with it.

CORALUX Leather Cleaner for Steering Wheels : Ideal for intensive cleaning of steering wheels made of genuine and imitation leather. Especially oil and grease containing dirt as well as sweat from our hands can be removed thoroughly with it.

PURATEX Textile Strong Cleaner: Thorough cleaning of textile fabric covers. The effective PURATEX® Strong Cleaner is suitable for general dirt removal (also older soiling) on textile upholstery covers. Suitable for all textile covers (including wool), but not for silk.

Cleaning polish for glass surfaces: Ideal for professional cleaning and polishing of high-quality and sensitive glass surfaces. Especially frosted and satin glass, but also structured or sandblasted glass become streak-free clean.

KERAPUR Synthetic Cleaner: Removes fresh as well as stubborn everyday dirt and makes the surface shine again. For plastic furniture , matt plastic coated/lacquered wood surfaces, glossy plastic coated/lacquered wood surfaces, lacquer laminates, HPL (High Pressure Laminates).

SILVAPUR cleaner for lacquered wooden surfaces: The wood cleaner is ideal for general cleaning of the wood surface and for removing light soiling.

INOXAN Stainless Steel Care: High-quality cleaning, care and protection for stainless steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metal surfaces.

Content: each 50 ml: leather cleaner, care lotion for leather, textile cleaner, artificial cleaner, glass polish, synthetic cleaner, wood cleaner, steering wheel cleaner, stainless steel care, sponges, clothes

As an accompaniment to this product we recommend:

KERALUX® Leather Care Set P

Perfect for the regular maintenance cleaning and care of semi-aniline and pigmented leather.

Contents: 2 x 200 ml, sponge, cloth

29,10 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
Item number: 6000
PURATEX® Strong Cleaning Set for textile upholstery

The PURATEX® Strong Cleaning Set includes everything you need for the thorough cleaning of textile upholstery. The PURATEX® Strong Cleaner removes even old, stubborn stains gently and without any bleach.

content: 500 ml, brush, cloth

24,95 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
Item number: 1070/1
Hygiene Cleaner for leather/artificial leather

For antibacterial, germ-reducing and virus-inhibiting cleaning. It ensures hygienic cleanliness and supports the protection from contagion of diseases.

content: 200 ml

13,30 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
Item number: 0215/EN
SILVAPUR® Wood Care Set for lacquered wooden surfaces

In order to maintain its natural beauty, each timber requires special protection and care. The SILVAPUR® WOOD CARE SET, especially developed for wooden furniture surfaces, contains a wood cleaner for cleaning the surface and removing light dirt and a care lotion that gives the wood fresh, well-groomed appearance and provides optimal protection against soiling.

Contents: 150 ml Cleaner, 150 ml Care Lotion, 2 clothes

20,80 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
Item number: 501030

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