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KERALUX® Colour Repair Set for leather with vintage effect standard

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The KERALUX® Colour Repair Set is suitable for small scratches and slightly faded leather with vintage-effect.

Before applying the colour lotion, the leather needs to be cleaned with the KERALUX® Cleaner to make sure that any soilings have been removed from the pores and the colour lotion will be well absorbed. We deliver the KERALUX® Colour Lotion together with the KERALUX® Cleaner as KERALUX® Colour Repair Set.

The colour lotion is a water-based product developed to fresh up the colour of leather with vintage-effect.
As a last step we recommend to treat your leather with the KERALUX® Care Lotion for leather with vintage-effect and to protect it with the KERALUX® Protection Spray N with sun protection. Please order these products separately.

The KERALUX® Colour Lotion is available in 20 standard colours. Please choose your leather colour.

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Content: 250 ml KERALUX® Cleaner, 250 ml KERALUX® Colour Lotion, sponge, cloth, glove

As an accompaniment to this product we recommend:

KERALUX® Care Lotion V for leather with vintage-effect

Care and maintenance of the soft grip of all types of leather with vintage-effect.

content: 200 ml

22,80 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
Item number: 3095

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