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KERALUX® Leather Repair Set 1

97,00 €
Item number: 803046 | Delivery time: 12-14 days
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The KERALUX® Leather Repair Set I is ideal for visually enhancing superficial abrasions such as slight abrasions (e.g. on seat edges) or surfaces with brittle colour. Suitable for semi-aniline and pigmented smooth leather.

If you order this repair set, please send us a leather sample in advance, as we mix the leather colour individually and adjust the cleaners


>> The repair set I is not suitable for re-dying, only for colour-refreshing. Only suitable for plain leather surfaces, any available twotone
effects will be covered. Be careful with seams in other colours!
>> If the leather is very dry/brittle, it must be „pre-nourished“ before using the repair set to achieve an optimal result. Therefore use the KERALUX® Leather Balm (not included in the repair set, please order separately).
>> If there are oily or greasy stains on the leather (mostly dark spots on the head and armrest area), remove them with the KERALUX® Degreaser Spray before using the repair set. (The degreaser spray is not included in the repair set, please order separately).

Content: 250 ml Leather Cleaner, 100 ml Remover, 200 ml Leather Colour (acc. to sample), 200 ml Top Finish Spray, brush, 2 grinding pads 600/1000, sponge, wooden spatula, 2 cloths, mask, gloves, instruction

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