Take advantage of the enormous LCK- database with more than 70 thousand tested materials! You can therefore be certain that you use the perfectly coordinated care treatments for your upholstered furniture.

Years of experience show us that many consumers do not know exactly which type of leather their upholstered furniture is made from. The range of leathers is huge, and as a non-expert it is very easy to lose track. Often, the advice in the furniture store is also insufficient, or the purchase documents with the exact leather designation can no longer be found. When selecting suitable care products, however, knowledge of the exact type of leather is very important.

Even for leather connoisseurs, it is not always immediately clear what type it is because of the large number of types of leather available. That's why we take pride in our material database, which we have been managing for many years, constantly updating and making it accessible to our customers online.

Over 70 thousand tested materials in the database

We have been working closely with leading tanneries and upholstered furniture manufacturers for years. These companies constantly send us original samples from their latest collections. We then examine and test these material samples comprehensively in our laboratory. Only once the series of tests have been completed successfully will we issue the appropriate product recommendations for the cleaning, care and protection of a particular material.

Specifically, this works as follows: In the middle box of the three black selection boxes FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS above you can search for the manufacturer of your upholstered furniture, go to the precise material designation, and the appropriate product recommendations will be displayed immediately. All of this with just two clicks!

This way, you can be absolutely certain that you receive the perfect cleaning and care product for your upholstery, because it has been tested in the laboratory and recommended for your type of leather. It is best if you keep the details of the upholstered furniture manufacturer (for example, noted on the original leather sample or the purchase contract) ready, then the search is even faster.


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