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An introduction to materials science

Upholstered furniture with fabric covers enchant with an incredible variety of colours, patterns and materials. Textile furniture coverings are made of either natural fibres such as cotton, flax, wool and linen or of chemical fibres such as viscose or polyester. A blended combination of chemical and natural fibres are also often used. And since the fibre types differ in their material properties, cleaning and care must also be optimally adapted to them.

Cover fabrics made of synthetic fibres are particularly easy to care for. These types of fibres are those that can not be obtained from nature (from plants or animals), but are produced synthetically. The best-known are polyester, nylon, viscose and polyacrylics. Thanks to their dirt-repellent properties, upholstery covers made of synthetic fibre are very suitable for everyday use, because they are easy to clean.

Micro-fibre fabrics are also made of synthetic fibres. They are woven, knitted or spun out of ultra-fine polyester threads, which creates a pleasant softness of the surface. Furniture upholstered with micro-fibre fabrics are very easy to care for, hard-wearing, and are very light-fast and colour-fast. The best-known micro-fibre fabrics include Alcantara, Belvetara, Amaretta.

Upholstery covers of velvet or velour are currently very fashionable. The soft, plush sofa surfaces with a high snuggle factor are inviting in wonderful shades and are an eye-catcher in every home. When cleaning, you should be very careful and follow the recommendations for suitable products.

Our PURATEX® range comprises cleaning and care products which meet the material requirements of the different upholstery fabrics. There is a PURATEX® care series for all fabric types, another specially for synthetic fibre fabrics, and of course on for micro-fibre covers.