What you should consider when buying high-gloss furniture

Matt or high-gloss surfaces? This question often arises when furnishing a kitchen, living area or bathroom. Of course, this decision is first and foremost a matter of taste. But it is advisable to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of high-gloss furniture before you buy so that you don't regret your decision later.

High-gloss furniture lends a certain elegance and high-quality style to any interior.

Advantages of high-gloss surfaces

Shiny and radiant surfaces are usually associated with value, exclusivity and luxury. This is simply because sparkling things are less common in nature.

This is why high-gloss furniture surfaces in the kitchen, living room or bathroom also appear high-quality and exclusive at first glance.
The movement of the reflecting light gives glossy furniture surfaces an optical depth and makes small rooms in particular appear larger. The surfaces appear more lively and the whole room more interesting as a result.

Dirt remains on the surface of glossy furniture because the surface is closed and has no pores. Dirt can therefore be removed more easily and moisture rolls off instead of penetrating the material.

Disadvantages of high-gloss surfaces

However, the beauty of high-gloss furniture is only impressive if it is clean and dust-free. Unfortunately, glossy furniture has the unattractive property that dirt and fingerprints can be seen much more quickly. If dust or dirt settles on the otherwise reflective surfaces, they no longer reflect the light as well - and this is immediately noticeable.

High-gloss surfaces are also not as robust and easy to clean as matt versions. Scratches, stains or fingerprints can easily appear if not handled properly.

It is advisable to pay particular attention to the quality of high-gloss furniture, otherwise it can chip quickly.

What should you look out for when choosing materials for your home furnishings?
  •   Whether matt or glossy surfaces - think carefully beforehand about which properties are important to you.
  • Is exclusivity and aesthetics important to you and are you willing to put up with more maintenance?
  • Or do you prefer functionality and manageable maintenance requirements?
  • How will the room be used? Should it appear calm or lively?
  • What “signs of use” are to be expected? Perhaps from children or pets?

Ultimately, it is always a question of personal taste whether you choose to furnish with high-gloss or matt furniture surfaces.


KERAPUR® Polish for high-gloss surfaces

We have developed KERAPUR® Polish especially for sensitive high-gloss surfaces.

Together with the soft cloth and the special cleaning glove, it is the ideal care product for scratch-sensitive lacquered surfaces such as kitchen fronts or cabinet furniture.


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