Garden furniture has to withstand a lot, as it is exposed to wind and weather outdoors.

With the right care, outdoor seat covers, sunshades and awnings as well as wooden and plastic furniture can be softened, damage avoided and their service life extended.

Wooden Furniture

Even if wooden furniture is protected under a patio roof, the weather will leave its mark over time. The wood can dry out or turn gray.

The special SILVAPUR® “outdoor” Wood Care Set is recommended for thorough cleaning, colour refreshing and care.

Seat covers, sunshades and awnings

Seat covers for outdoor furniture as well as sunshade and awning fabrics are exposed to wind and weather outdoors and require regular, thorough cleaning.

The PURATEX® “Outdoor” cleaning set contains everything you need to thoroughly clean synthetic fibre seat covers for outdoor furniture as well as parasols, awnings and sunshades.


Plastic garden furniture is quite easy to clean - provided you use suitable cleaning agents. Cleaning or scouring agents, which are aggressive and can scratch the surface, are definitely taboo.

Therefore, always use special cleaners designed for plastic surfaces, such as the KERAPUR® range.

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