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Care tips for wooden furniture

Like all natural materials, wooden furniture also needs effective cleaning and care to keep it looking clean and well-maintained for a long time. The following principle applies:

The more natural the wood has been processed, the more natural the cleaning and care must be. That is why our SILVAPUR® wood care products are perfectly tailored to the needs of the material.

Solid wood furniture - oiled/waxed

Solid wood is sawn and processed in one piece from a single trunk. This is time-consuming and therefore comparatively more expensive. However, it has the advantage that no adhesives are required. The naturalness of the wood is often reflected in furniture by the fact that knotholes, cracks or other natural features can sometimes be seen. For wood connoisseurs, however, this is a clear sign of quality.

Untreated solid wood is alive, it breathes. Through its open pores, the material absorbs moisture and releases it again when required. For example, wooden furniture can provide relief in winter when dry heating air irritates the airways. However, it can only develop this healthy property if it is intact. Otherwise, too much moisture can penetrate or the wood can dry out considerably. Swelling or cracking could be the unsightly result.

With natural care products specially formulated for untreated solid wood, you can counteract this and preserve the wood's natural protective shield. And you also achieve a positive side effect: the wood grain is shown to its best advantage again.

When and how often should you care for solid wood furniture?

We recommend maintaining your furniture every six months - once in the fall before and once in the spring after the heating period. A simple water test will tell you whether a maintenance session is necessary in between: Simply put a drop of water on the surface of your wooden furniture and observe the surface. If the drop is absorbed after a short time, you will soon need another maintenance program. If it takes several hours, then the protective shield of the wood is still intact.

Lacquered wooden furniture

Matt or glossy lacquered wooden furniture impresses with its smooth and uniform surface. Lacquering protects wooden furniture from dirt and weathering. Liquids cannot penetrate, dirt and dust are deposited on the surface and can therefore be easily removed.

Lacquered furniture surfaces are smooth and uniform in appearance. Transparent lacquers allow the natural coloring and grain of the wood to shine and be intensely accentuated. The downside of lacquered wooden surfaces is that the natural feel of untreated solid wood is lost. The surface is closed, the wood cannot "breathe" and contribute to a healthy indoor climate.

However, there are also varnishes that do not completely seal the wood and thus retain some of its naturalness. As this variant does not rule out the possibility of liquids or dirt penetrating the wood, special attention must be paid to regular cleaning and care. Fresh stains should be removed as soon as possible to prevent penetration. In addition to transparent lacquers, there are also coloured lacquers in a wide variety of colours. And lacquers are available in glossy as well as stylish matt versions.

It is often said that lacquered furniture emits unpleasant odors. However, with modern lacquers such as PU lacquer or UV-curing lacquers, which are most widely used in the furniture industry, this is no longer the case.

Care tips for lacquered wooden furniture

To protect the wood, the surface of the piece of furniture is usually coated with a clear varnish to leave the beautiful wood visible. The varnish makes the wooden furniture resistant to water and other liquids. But the same applies here: react immediately. Liquids, splashes of grease or other stains are best removed immediately, as otherwise unsightly reactions with the lacquer surface may occur.

For regular cleaning and care, we recommend the special SILVAPUR® Wood Care Set for lacquered wooden surfaces.

Do not use glass cleaners or acidic cleaning agents, as acid can attack the lacquer. Also do not use abrasive cleaners or bleach. Oils and waxes are also unsuitable for lacquered surfaces. They only leave behind a greasy film that is difficult to remove.

Recommended wood care products:

Accessory Set III
Soft cleaning cloths for all furniture surfaces

Value pack of accessories: 10 soft care cloths, ideal for cleaning and caring for furniture surfaces made of wood, glass, leather, fabric, plastic and much more.

Waschbar und dadurch lange Lebensdauer!

10 soft care cloths
4,35 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
SILVAPUR® Wood Care Set for oiled, waxed wooden surfaces
Cleaning, care & protection for oiled, waxed wooden surfaces

Ideal care set for oiled, waxed wooden surfaces:

  • regular cleaning
  • removal of light soiling
  • fresh, well-groomed appearance
  • optimum protection against renewed soiling
150 ml SILVAPUR® Cleaner, 150 ml SILVAPUR® Care Lotion, 2 clothes
23,95 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
SILVAPUR® Wood Care Set for lacquered wooden surfaces
Ideal care set for lacquered wooden surfaces

Ideal care set for lacquered wooden surfaces. Cleaning + Care, incl. accessories.

150 ml SILVAPUR® Cleaner, 150 ml SILVAPUR® Care Lotion, 2 clothes
20,80 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
SILVAPUR® Intensive care set for wooden surfaces
Regeneration of stressed wooden furniture
  • Ideal for refreshing and regenerating stressed wooden furniture.
  • For oiled, waxed or lacquered wooden surfaces.
150 ml, cleaning fleece, 2 cloths
24,60 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
SILVAPUR Cleaner for oiled, waxed wooden surfaces
Removes dust and light soiling

Ideal for regular cleaning of oiled and waxed wooden surfaces.

150 ml
10,00 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
SILVAPUR® Care Lotion for oiled, waxed wooden surfaces
Care and protection
Ideally suited for the care of oiled, waxed wooden surfaces after cleaning with SILVAPUR® Cleaner for oiled, waxed wooden surfaces.
150 ml Care Lotion
14,20 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
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