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Child seats

How do you clean child seats thoroughly?

The cover of a child seat is more than just the shell, the beautiful exterior of a seat that should contribute to the child's well-being. It is also a mandatory part of the seat, as it is an integral part of the restraining effect.

In order to ensure the greatest possible protective effect of the child seat and to ensure that the child seat “stays beautiful for a long time”, special attention must be paid to the regular care of the seat cover.

Most seat covers are made from synthetic fibre fabrics. This makes them easy to care for, hard-wearing and easy to clean. And they have another advantage: textile seat covers can be removed and put in the washing machine. However, if you want to clean the cover quickly without removing it first, we recommend the following procedure:

Remove coarse dirt such as cookie crumbs or chocolate residue with a slightly damp cloth, preferably the LCK Cleaning Glove. Then treat the cover with the PURATEX® synthetic fibre cleaner. For heavy soiling, it is best to work with a brush, exactly as described in the instructions. Stains such as chewing gum residue can be treated with special stain removers.


Cleaning Glove

Practical cleaning glove for quick cleaning in between. Ideal for weekly dusting of upholstered furniture. For all types of leather, fabric and artificial leather.

PURATEX® Cleaning Set

Ideal for thorough cleaning of upholstery covers made of synthetic fibers.

Contents: 500 ml cleaner + accessories

PURATEX® Chewing gum remover

Ideal for removing chewing gum residues from textile upholstery! Also removes adhesive residues from glass or plastic surfaces.

Contents: 20 ml chewing gum remover, 50 ml intensive cleaner, small wire brush, cloth

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