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With the CORALUX® Leather Care Set for cars, we offer you a high-quality leather care product that cleans, cares for and protects your car's leather interior in the best possible way.

The leather care set consists of a special leather cleaning agent, which cleans intensively and gently (even jeans discolouration!) and a rich care lotion, which renews the surface protection of the seats and gives the leather optimum refatting.


Leather in cars needs regular care

2 years and 8 months - that's the average time drivers spend behind the wheel over the course of their lives. Comfortable and well-maintained car seats can significantly increase driving pleasure. However, regular cleaning and care is essential to keep the seat covers looking attractive for a long time.

In addition to the driver's compartment, the seats get a lot of wear and tear over time. Food residue, denim stains, grease stains, cult marks and other soiling cannot always be completely avoided over time. It is then advisable to thoroughly clean the car leather.

As a manufacturer of high-quality cleaning and care products, we have made it our mission to ensure that vehicle owners can enjoy a well-maintained interior for a long time to come. Depending on use, we recommend preventive maintenance cleaning and care of the leather seats every three to six months to maintain their attractive appearance. The CORALUX® Leather Care Set for car interiors is ideal for this. It optimally cleans, cares for and protects the leather.

How do you clean leather car seats properly?

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First remove coarse soiling such as pieces of chocolate, cigarette ash or crumbs with a soft cloth.

Then clean the leather upholstery thoroughly with the special CORALUX® Cleaner. Whether jeans stains, chocolate or shoe polish stains - CORALUX® Cleaner is a great way to remove many everyday stains. CORALUX® Cleaner thoroughly removes particularly dark stains from clothing or colourful accessories (e.g. jeans stains). It also effectively cleans greasy and oily stains (such as ice cream, cooking oil or sun lotion) and even so-called “stains”, e.g. in the neck area on the headrests.

Cleaning leather seats step by step

We show you how to clean your leather seats properly >>


Leather Care Set for steering wheels

The CORALUX® Cleaner is ideal for the intensive cleaning of steering wheels made of genuine and artificial leather. It can be used to thoroughly remove particularly oily and greasy dirt as well as sweat from our hands.

Afterwards, the deeply effective CORALUX® Care Lotion provides the leather with valuable moisture and care.


How do you clean a leather steering wheel?

We show you how to clean your steering wheel properly >>

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Professional leather cleaning and stain removal by an expert

If the leather seats are very dirty, older and have stubborn stains, there is still no need to despair. A leather specialist can help here!

The damaged leather is thoroughly cleaned in a specialist leather workshop. The special cleaners from the KERALUX® Repair range are only available to trained leather specialists. After cleaning, the leather is treated with rich care and you can enjoy the original beauty of your car seat again!

Professional leather repairs

Is your car a collector's item, but is it already showing clear signs of wear? Are the leather seats worn or even damaged? Don't worry, our recommended leather specialists will refurbish them for you and restore them to their former glory!

What can be repaired with automotive leather?

Holes, burn marks, cracks, cuts, abrasions or scratches:

Depending on the extent of the damage, repairs are carried out selectively and the corresponding area is seamlessly reattached. In the case of more extensive damage, a partial reupholstery can be produced, which is also optimally colour-matched.

Colour wear and fading of leather:

Here, pigmentation is applied and the freshness of the original shade is restored. In the case of greasy leather, a special degreaser removes the deep-seated stains from the leather and restores the original colour. Brittle and dry leather is re-fattened or, if necessary, a partially new cover is inserted.

Fresh stains of all kinds or ballpoint pen marks

can be removed very easily. If the colour of the leather changes slightly in the process, it is then matched to the original colour.

Call our information hotline for non-binding information. Our highly qualified leather experts will be happy to advise you individually and without obligation. Just give us a call: Phone +49 (0) 7251 / 9625-0

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