Furniture care is value retention

Furnishings do not always have to be replaced as soon as their initial beauty has faded. If you clean and care for your furniture regularly, you will ensure that it lasts for a long time. In this way, our care products make a major contribution to a sustainable lifestyle.

As a family business, we feel a special responsibility for our children and the protection of our environment. In our day-to-day business, we do a lot to protect our environment.

We have already successfully implemented many sustainability measures in recent years. And yet there is still untapped potential in our company. Our “Green Group” is a team of employees from all departments who meet regularly to discuss and implement further improvements.

Safe & sustainable: the new shipping box

In future, we will no longer use glossy folding boxes for our care sets. Instead, we have developed a new shipping box that is made from renewable raw materials and is 100% recyclable. The individual bottles and accessories are packed sturdily and securely in this box and shipped directly. This saves packaging waste, protects the environment and demonstrates responsible use of resources.

Paper material from grape waste

For our labels, we use a wood-free paper material that contains grape waste from wine production. The rest of the material is made up of recycled fibers from consumer waste and virgin pulp.

consumer waste and virgin pulp. The outer material consists of 100% FSC-certified paper.

Residual recycling of material waste

Efficient material recycling of narrow cut remnants from our care cloths: they are used to pad the packages and are used by customers for other purposes, e.g. for cleaning fittings or bicycle spokes.


Our leather care has been certified with the emission label A, the textile care partly complies with the OEKO-TEX® standard. Many products are dermatologically tested.

DHL GoGreen

Unavoidable emissions generated during the shipping process are offset by DHL through certified climate protection projects.

Renewable energies

Our photovoltaic system produces an annual yield of 110,000 kWh. We store our self-produced electricity in our own modules. This makes us self-sufficient in electricity!

Our intelligent home control system ensures efficient energy consumption throughout the company, e.g. for lighting, radiators, etc.

Electric vehicle fleet

Our vehicle fleet now includes 8 electric cars. These are charged with electricity that we produce ourselves, with sufficient charging stations available.

Family-friendly working conditions

We offer our employees family-friendly working conditions through part-time models, flexitime and working from home. We were recognized as a family-friendly company by the state of Baden-Württemberg in 2015.

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