Furniture made of stone

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Tips for the care of stone furniture

If the surface of natural stone furniture is smooth, the surface is easier to wipe clean. A polished stone table therefore becomes clean again more quickly than a roughly sanded surface. But be careful: polished surfaces are very sensitive to mechanical stress. Even the smallest grains of sand can cause visible scratches on polished natural stone surfaces - so remove even the smallest dirt quickly.

After cleaning, an effective impregnation is recommended, especially for open-pored stone surfaces. This emphasizes the structure of the stone again and creates a constant impregnation, so that dirt can penetrate less quickly.


Our recommendation

The Stone Care Set is ideal for regular cleaning and impregnation of all polished and open-pored stone surfaces. The cleaning sponge removes dried-on dirt, such as limescale stains or food residue.

Then treat the stone with the impregnator. This highlights the structure of the stone again and intensifies the colours.

In addition, it creates a constant base impregnation so that dirt can penetrate less quickly.


Further recommendations:

Accessory Set II
Ideal for gentle upholstery cleaning

2 high-quality cleaning sponges + 5 cloths - ideal accessories (not only) for leather care.

Washable and therefore long-lasting!

2 cleaning sponges, 5 cloths
3,25 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERAPUR Dirt Eraser
Removes dirt and limescale stains

Removes stubborn dirt such as limescale residue, fingerprints, grease and paint marks from all smooth furniture and household surfaces (such as glass, ceramic, plastic, stone, metal, stainless steel and ceramic).
Effortlessly and with just a bit water - without the addition of other cleaning agents.

4 dirt erasers
9,50 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
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