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Saddle care

There are many accessories in equestrian sports that are made of leather: saddles, bridles, bridles, boots... All these items have one thing in common: they need to be cleaned and cared for regularly in order to remain beautiful and stable for a long time.

Because the leather is exposed to many strains when riding and in the stable: Wind and weather, sweat, dust, moisture... Regular and professional care is therefore particularly important.

As with our skin, the same applies to leather: first wash (clean), then care for (grease). First remove loose dirt, grease and perspiration with a damp cloth without damaging the leather surface. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Then treat with the special KERALUX® Leather Care Wax.


Our recommendation

KERALUX® Leather Care Wax is a high-quality, colour-neutral leather care product especially for saddles, bridles, dog leads and collars as well as outdoor shoes/boots.

The purely natural ingredients (especially special native fats and trane) penetrate particularly deeply into the leather. With regular use, the leather is optimally cared for, optimally protected from the weather and retains its wonderfully soft, waxy feel.

Proven formula since 1920!



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