Professional leather repair & dyeing course

The 2-day professional leather repair course builds on the basic course and the advanced course. The focus here is now on the more cost-effective production of a coordinated leather top dye. Furthermore, special cases such as greasing, the production of replacement leathers and the like are now dealt with and we look at what possibilities exist with these leathers and where the limits lie. The production of Chesterfield leathers, vintage leathers and special leathers such as camouflage are also discussed, tested and solutions found.

Our courses are designed to build on each other, because in the field of leather restoration, as everywhere else, the right foundations must first be laid, which is why this course requires basic knowledge in the field of leather repair and the advanced course, or at least many years of experience in the field of leather repair, as well as basic knowledge of leather technology.


  • Production of finishes tailored to different types of leather (development of recipes)
  • Degreasing of damaged leather (incl. recipes, auxiliaries and alternatives)
  • Production of replacement leathers
  • Setting-up a professional leather repair business
  • Which partners do I need?
  • Professional handling of complaints or claims

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