How do you clean leather steering wheels?

Leather steering wheels are very comfortable because they feel soft and warm. Of course, they are particularly hard-wearing when driving, as your hands are always on them. As a result, it is inevitable that the leather is affected by hand perspiration and skin grease and also by dirty hands. The steering wheel becomes brittle, greasy and the colour may rub off.

Clean the steering wheel properly.

Step-by-step instructions


Ideal cleaning set

To keep steering wheels looking beautiful and well-maintained for longer, we recommend regular and thorough cleaning followed by care and protection. The CORALUX® Leather Care Set for steering wheels has been specially developed by leather experts.


What do you use to clean and care for leather/artificial leather car steering wheels?

CORALUX Leather Cleaner
Cleans jeans discolouration and greasy stains

Cleans leather car seats thoroughly, removes greasy and oily stains as well as colour transfer from clothing (jeans).

200 ml CORALUX® Leather Cleaner
13,90 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
CORALUX Leather Care Lotion
Care for car leather

Perfect care and protection for pigmented car leather. After cleaning, it provides the leather with

  • valuable moisture
  • gentle refatting
  • optimum protection against premature fading
200 ml CORALUX® Leather Care Lotion
18,60 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
CORALUX Leather Care Set for steering wheels
Cleans thoroughly and gently

Ideal for the intensive cleaning and care of steering wheels made of genuine and artificial leather.

Hygienic cleanliness and protective care in one set!

50 ml Cleaner, 50 ml Care Lotion, brush, cloth
18,80 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
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