Everything crystal clear?

Stylish glass furniture is a furnishing highlight in any home. However, only clean glass furniture can enchant with its bright shine and must therefore be cleaned regularly and properly.


Sensitive glass surfaces...

... make some housewives put off by the mere thought of frequent cleaning. No sooner have you cleaned the glass table than fingerprints and glass edges appear again. But don't worry, with our care tips you will always be able to enjoy your glass furniture!


Clean glass surfaces properly

When cleaning high-quality glass surfaces, the choice of suitable cleaning agents is particularly important. They must not be aggressive or even leave scratch marks or streaks. To be on the safe side, we recommend the use of special, professional glass cleaning agents.


Clean sensitive glass surfaces properly

We show you how to remove stains gently and safely from glass surfaces >>


Accessory Set III
Soft cleaning cloths for all furniture surfaces

Value pack of accessories: 10 soft care cloths, ideal for cleaning and caring for furniture surfaces made of wood, glass, leather, fabric, plastic and much more.

Waschbar und dadurch lange Lebensdauer!

10 soft care cloths
4,35 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERAPUR Dirt Eraser
Removes dirt and limescale stains

Removes stubborn dirt such as limescale residue, fingerprints, grease and paint marks from all smooth furniture and household surfaces (such as glass, ceramic, plastic, stone, metal, stainless steel and ceramic).
Effortlessly and with just a bit water - without the addition of other cleaning agents.

4 dirt erasers
9,50 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
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