Is leather sustainable?

Genuine leather is real sustainability

Made from animal hide, leather is a wonderful, versatile, robust and, above all, durable material. The raw material is mainly hides from slaughtered animals, i.e. by-products of the food industry. Or from animals that we hunt (e.g. deer or wild boar).
Vegetarians and vegans will see it differently, but responsible meat consumption is absolutely necessary for a balanced diet. And as long as we humans continue to consume meat, we cannot avoid producing animal skins.

Leather production is efficient recycling

The raw material for leather is a renewable and sustainable raw material that would have to be disposed of at great expense if it were not reused for leather. Imagine the mountains of animal hides that accumulate during slaughter. Over 7 million tons of hides and skins are processed every year*. Without the leather industry, they would have to be landfilled or incinerated, which would result in enormous soil pollution and the production of greenhouse gases.
The renewal cycle of the organic material leather (resources from agricultural cultivation and industrial livestock farming) is between 1-5 years. This is in contrast to synthetic leather imitations, whose production involves fossil raw materials that are considered non-renewable because the speed of their consumption exceeds the speed of their regeneration.

Model tanneries in Germany and Europe are leading the way: Sustainability also works in the leather manufacturing process. Manufacturing waste from the tanning process is reused as a raw material for other manufacturing processes.
Last but not least, it is a question of respecting the animals that provide us with food, which is another reason why we should avoid throwing away animal by-products. This is why tanning, i.e. the production of leather, is probably the oldest and most efficient recycling method in the world.
Leather is durable by nature
Leather is made from a piece of nature. You can see, feel and smell it. It is not a material “off the roll”, but unique and individual, just like the animal from whose skin it was created. No other material for upholstery, car interiors or clothing has such a close connection to nature and naturalness. Leather furniture lasts a long time and even becomes more beautiful over the years. What other upholstery material can make that claim? If you look at the materials that count as alternatives to genuine leather, they are almost always made of plastic and are not unproblematic in view of the current plastic waste issue. Not to mention the durability.

Leather lasts even longer with the right care

Leather furniture is often subjected to a lot of wear and tear in everyday life and can show unsightly signs of use over time. To ensure that leather retains its beauty, its pleasant properties and its value for a long time, it needs regular cleaning and care. Little effort - great benefit. If you pay attention to this, the already long service life can be extended many times over.

Leather can be repaired

Another advantage of leather (compared to synthetic leather alternatives): Leather furniture can be repaired. Leather items that have been neglected for years can be wonderfully reconditioned. Whether craquelures, abrasions, cuts or even holes - everything can be repaired and made beautiful again. This gives some leather furniture that has already been written off a second or even third chance and a longer life. Synthetic leather alternatives do not have this advantage; once they are broken, they are disposed of as hazardous waste.

Leather stands up to the “fast fashion generation”

With our KERALUX® care products, we are standing up to the current “fast fashion generation” and focusing on the long-lasting use of leather furniture. In doing so, we are making a significant contribution to the sustainable use of leather. And, of course, to the satisfaction of our customers, who can enjoy their beautiful leather furniture for many years to come.

Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.

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