Proper  leather care

In order for leather to retain its attractiveness, wonderfully soft grip and naturalness in the long term, it needs our help by cleaning it regularly and then adding essential moisturizing and care products.

As robust as the material is, you will need to clean your leather sofa from time to time if you want it to stay as beautiful as it was on the first day.

To make sure you do everything right when caring for your leather sofa, we have put together some useful care tips.

The most important basic rule:

Clean leather first, then care for it!

Why clean first, then maintain?

Leather care can be compared to our body care: we wash ourselves first, then we apply cream. Just like our human skin, leather can only really absorb the active care ingredients (including moisture, refatting, etc.) if the skin pores are clean and free of dirt.

This is why so-called "all-in-one" care products are not very suitable for the regular care of high-quality leather furniture; at best, they also remove dirt. This method is perfectly suitable for shoe care, but not for high-quality furniture leather.

Leather care means preserving value

Leather is a very durable upholstery material for seating furniture. If you look after your leather sofa regularly and properly, you will enjoy it for many years to come.

Useful leather care tips:


Clean leather regularly

Soiling on leather furniture or car seats cannot always be avoided due to regular use or lack of care over time. Jeans discolouration, greasy stains and even spotting or various stain marks are often the result and the question arises as to the correct cleaning method.

It is best to clean your leather couch regularly and preventively, and not just when the beauty is gone. The leather will thank you with freshness, suppleness and a pleasant appearance.

Don't forget: after each cleaning, the leather should also be treated again with the care lotion.


Cleaning products

Every type of leather requires individual care

Let's make another comparison with our skin. There are different care products for different skin types (sensitive skin, combination skin, etc.).
It is the same with leather: because the individual types of leather differ significantly in their material properties, cleaning and care must also be individually tailored to the characteristics of the leather.

Our high-quality KERALUX® range has an individual care line for every type of leather. So you can be sure that your leather receives exactly the optimum care that it really needs.


Prevent dehydration

Leather needs regular moisture to prevent it from drying out or even becoming brittle. This is particularly important in winter during the heating period.

Therefore, wipe your leather furniture weekly with the special LCK Cleaning Glove or another damp, soft cloth. This will remove superficial house dust and at the same time give it a moist and fresh appearance.



Before cleaning, test the cleaning agent on a hidden area (e.g. on the underside or back of the sofa that is not visible). Cleaning leather can be tricky, depending on the type of leather, and unsuitable cleaning agents can even cause damage.
So be sure to test for compatibility beforehand!

More useful tips

No microfibre cloths!

When cleaning your leather couch, never use microfibre cloths, as these can damage the leather surface, and always use distilled water to clean leather to avoid ugly limescale stains.

Colour-intensive clothing...

... for example, dark jeans, fashionable cushions, blankets and the like can discolour leather. Red accessories are particularly "dangerous". Protect light-coloured leather either with KERALUX® Strong Protector or avoid such contact.

Too much moisture is harmful

Avoid too much moisture! Too much moisture can damage leather furniture. Never clean your leather too wet, but only "damp". The inner frame is often made of wood and, like other interior materials, reacts to too much moisture with instability or mildew stains (fungal infestation), for example. The recommended room climate for leather furniture is approx. 45-50 % relative humidity and a room temperature of 18-20 °C.

Protection from sun and heat

Avoid direct exposure to light. Sunlight and artificial light can lighten the colour and dry out the leather. Too much warmth/heat damages leather upholstery. Leather furniture should therefore be kept at least 30 cm away from heaters. Leather furniture that is placed directly in front of a heat source should have sufficient floor space for ventilation to prevent heat build-up.

Be careful!

Pets can easily cause abrasions or even tears in the leather with their claws or teeth. Zippers and sharp objects can also damage the leather surface. It is best to try to avoid these contacts.


React IMMEDIATELY! In the case of drink stains, for example, gently absorb the liquid with a paper towel (kitchen roll). Clean with the appropriate KERALUX® cleaner. Do not apply pressure, otherwise the stain will penetrate the leather. You can find more information in our KERALUX® stain guide.

Leather care Topseller

KERALUX Leather Care Set P
Perfect care combination for pigmented leather
High-quality Leather Care Set with cleaner, care lotion, sponge and cloth. Perfectly matched to pigmented leather, semi-aniline and Longlife leather.
  • Gentle and pore-deep cleaning, solvent-free
  • Rich care optimally nourishes the leather
  • Valuable moisture and optimum refatting
  • Reliable protection against drying out
  • With sun protection against colour fading
  • With valuable antioxidants for a long lifetime
  • Dermatologically tested "very good"!
200 ml KERALUX® Soft Cleaner, 200 ml KERALUX® Care Lotion P, sponge, cloth, instruction
29,10 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Leather Care Set A
Perfect care combination for high-quality aniline leather

Gentle cleaning and optimum care for high-quality, sensitive natural aniline leather.

  • Special formula for sensitive aniline leathers
  • Gentle and pore-deep cleaning, solvent-free
  • Rich care optimally nourishes the leather
  • Valuable moisture and optimum refatting
  • Reliable protection against drying out
  • Refreshes the impregnation
  • With sun protection against colour fading
  • With valuable antioxidants for a long lifetime
200 ml KERALUX® Soft Cleaner, 200 ml KERALUX® Care Lotion A, sponge, cloth, instruction
32,20 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
Cleaning Glove
For regularly quick cleaning

The Cleaning Glove is suitable to remove dust regularly from your upholstered furniture. Also possible to use on smooth surfaces like plastic, synthetic material and glass.

  • Ideal for weekly dusting of upholstered furniture
  • Suitable for leather, artificial leather and fabric upholstery
  • Can be used dry or wet
  • Washable, so can be used for a long time
1 cleaning glove
10,60 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Strong Cleaner
For stronger soiling like beverage stains

Highly effective yet gentle leather cleaner.

  • For removing heavy water-soluble stains from everyday life
  • Ideal for food and beverage stains such as coke, ketchup, ice cream, etc.
  • Dermatologically tested with "very good", solvent-free
  • Suitable for all types of leather
200 ml KERALUX® Strong Cleaner
13,75 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Cleaning Set Active Plus
Removes oily/greasy stains and colour transfer from jeans on pigmented leather

Highly effective cleaning set with brush, sponge and cloth.

  • for removing oily and greasy stains (e.g. cream, oil, chocolate, etc.)
  • highly effective with colour transfer (e.g. from jeans)
200 ml KERALUX® Cleaner Active Plus, brush, sponge, cloth
20,70 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Care Lotion P
Rich regenerating care for pigmented leather

Regenerating care with rich formula of active ingredients. Optimally suited to pigmented smooth leather and semi-aniline. The lotion nourishes the leather after cleaning:

  • important moisture to prevent drying out
  • optimum refatting for a soft grip
  • protection against water, grease and dirt
  • sun protection against premature fading
  • antioxidants for long shelf life
  • water-based, without solvents
  • dermatologically tested and rated "very good"
200 ml KERALUX® Care Lotion P
18,95 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Leather Balm
Intensive care for old, rough and dried-out leather

Intensive and rich balm especially for regenerating older, brittle, cracked and dried-out smooth leather.

  •  nourishes richly with moisture and refatting
  • restores the wonderfully soft feel of the leather
  • noticeable success after just one application
  • counteracts squeaking and creaking noises
    from leather
200 ml KERALUX® Leather Balm
18,50 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Colour Repair Set P according to sample
Colour refreshment of pigmented leather / Longlife leather

Ideal for refreshing the colour of slightly faded pigmented smooth leather. The colour lotion is mixed exactly according to the leather sample!

  • for refreshing the colour of slightly faded leather
  • for repairing small scratches
  • leather looks like new
200 ml KERALUX® Cleaner, 200 ml KERALUX® Colour Lotion P, sponge, cloth, glove
39,85 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping

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