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The choice of suitable cleaning and care products is particularly important for leather. Each type of leather has individual material properties and therefore different care requirements. In the worst case, an unsuitable cleaner can even destroy the leather.

In order to give our customers absolute certainty when it comes to leather care, we have maintained an internal leather database for decades, which now contains over 200 thousand tested material samples.

Since the mid-1980s, tanneries, upholstery manufacturers and other leather processing companies have been sending us samples of their current leather collections. These are subjected to various test series in our laboratory, and only after successful results do we make the appropriate care recommendation. We have archived all leather samples.

Over the course of time, we have added many samples of fabrics, woods and other furniture surfaces in addition to the leather samples.

All these entries can also be found online in our leather database. We make this available to our customers, manufacturers and end users alike, free of charge and everyone benefits from it. Upholstered furniture manufacturers receive fewer complaints, which can be caused by incorrect care. And consumers can increase the lifespan of their leather furniture considerably through optimum care and thus enjoy their furniture for longer.

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