How to clean plastic furniture?

Plastic seating furniture is not just an eye-catcher in the dining room. They are retro and modern at the same time and inspire with their wide variety of shapes and colours. And with the right care, they remain attractive and beautiful for a long time.

Plastic furniture is quite easy to clean - provided you use suitable cleaning agents.

Cleaning agents or abrasive cleaners that are aggressive and can scratch the surface are definitely taboo. Therefore, always use special cleaners designed for plastic surfaces, such as the KERAPUR® range.

Cleaning & care of plastic furniture

We show you how to remove soiling gently and safely >>>


Our recommendation >>

KERAPUR® Cleaner is ideal for the thorough cleaning of plastic seating furniture or elegant plastic-coated/lacquered wooden surfaces.

It removes fresh as well as stubborn everyday dirt and makes the surface shine again.


What to do with stains on plastic furniture?

It is best to react immediately in the event of soiling, then the stains can also be removed very easily. Do not wait too long before cleaning, otherwise it can be difficult to remove, as plastic likes to bond with the stains

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