High-gloss front panels

Furniture with high-gloss fronts has been in vogue for several years now. They are not only a highlight in the kitchen, they are also an eye-catcher for cabinet furniture in the living room or bedroom.

However, high-gloss furniture only looks good if it is clean and well maintained. Fingerprints, dust and other soiling are unsightly.

There are a few things to bear in mind, especially when it comes to care, in order to keep the sensitive high-gloss surfaces clean and shiny without scratch marks.

Cleaning high-gloss surfaces properly

We show you how to remove stains gently and safely from high-gloss surfaces >>


KERAPUR® High-gloss polish

We have developed KERAPUR® High Gloss Polish especially for sensitive high-gloss surfaces.

Together with the soft cloth and the special cleaning glove, it is the ideal care product for scratch-sensitive lacquered surfaces such as kitchen fronts or cabinet furniture.


Tip #1

For new furniture, we recommend applying the high-gloss polish immediately after removing the protective film. The surface is then significantly smoother, more scratch-resistant and offers optimum long-term protection and a bright high gloss.

Tip #2

Wash the cotton cloth and glove after each use. Otherwise, dried polish residues could cause scratches on the high-gloss surfaces when reused.

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