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Blood stains on artificial leather

Blood stains can be stubborn, and are really annoying, particularly on upholstered furniture. It is important to take immediate action when you notice a blood stain. The runnier the blood is, the less it will have clotted, making it all the more easy to remove the stain. As blood clots, it forms a bond with the artificial leather, making it more complicated to remove the stain. Whereas a fresh stain of blood can easily be removed with cold water, special cleaners are the only solution for a dried blood stain.

1. IMMEDIATELY wash out the blood stain with cold water. When doing so, please ensure that you don't make the artificial leather too wet. Clean large areas, always from seam to seam. To do this, use a soft, clean cotton cloth and apply light pressure. If you have any distilled water at home, use this to avoid unsightly limescale marks. If not, use normal tap water.

2. Then clean with the SEDICUR® Cleaning Set for artificial leather.