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Removing jeans discolouration on artificial leather

Jeans discoloration on artificial leather furniture is often unavoidable without taking special precautions. The best cleaning results are achieved with the special SEDICUR® Cleaning Set. And after cleaning, a treatment with the SEDICUR Strong Protector is recommended, which counteracts renewed discoloration.


Product recommendation:

SEDICUR® Artificial Leather Hydro Fluid

Perfect care for artificial leather after cleaning with the SEDICUR® Cleaner. The SEDICUR® Hydro Fluid spends moisture and maintains a nice and smooth grip.

14,00 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
Item number: 6073
SEDICUR® Strong Protector

The premium SEDICUR® Strong Protector contains a special component to give an effective and longlasting protection for light coloured artificial leather against early soiling, e. g. colour transfer from dark jeans, and helps to maintain the beauty of your leather furniture.

content: 200 ml, 2 cloths

14,65 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
Item number: 6072