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Saddle leather: the waxed beauty

Saddle leather is a smooth type of leather and is characterised by a very smooth, slightly waxed surface. Saddle leather stands out for its pleasant, warm and waxy feel.




KERALUX® Leather Care Set S

Perfect for the regular cleaning and care of saddle leather (waxed leather).

contents: 2 x 200 ml, sponge, cloth

28,90 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
Item number: 6065
KERALUX® Soft Cleaner

Perfect for the mild cleaning of all leathers. Removes fresh water-based stains.

Content: 200 ml

10,15 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
Item number: 6017
KERALUX® Degreaser Spray

Suitable for removing oily and greasy stains from all types of leathers (even pure
aniline, nubuck or suede leather). Do not use on imitation or artificial leather.

content: 200 ml

18,80 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
Item number: 3060
KERALUX® Care Lotion S

After cleaning, the KERALUX® Care Lotion S refattens and moisturizes the leather to maintain its special waxy grip.

content: 250 ml

18,75 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
Item number: 6066
KERALUX® Leather Balm

Intensive care for smooth leathers (do not use on nubuck or suede leather). KERALUX® Leather Balm refattens dried out leather and makes it wonderfully smooth again.

content: 200 ml

18,50 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
Item number: 6015