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Correct saddle care

In equestrian sports there are many accessories that are made of leather: saddle, bridle, boots.... All items have one thing in common: they must be cleaned and cared regularly in order to remain beautiful and stable for a long time. Because the leather is exposed to many strains when riding and in the stable: Wind and weather, sweat, dust, wetness.... Therefore, regular and professional care is particularly important.

As with our skin, the same applies to leather: first wash (clean), then care (refat). First remove loose dirt, grease and sweat with a damp cloth without damaging the leather surface. Allow to dry well.

Then care with the special KERALUX® Leather Care Wax. This high-quality, color-neutral leather care product is ideal for saddle care due to its natural ingredients (especially native fats and tranes). It gives the leather suppleness, protection and regenerative care.