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Furniture care is value preservation

Furnishings do not always have to be replaced as soon as the initial beauty has faded. If you clean and care for your furniture regularly, you ensure that it will last for a long time. In this way, our care products make a major contribution to a sustainable lifestyle.

As a family business, we feel a special responsibility for our children and the protection of our environment. Economic activity is always subject to specific measures, but these must never justify the destruction of our natural resources.

Our commitment to sustainable corporate culture 

By manufacturing high-quality furniture care products, we are committed to a beautiful home and a sustainable lifestyle. But we also do a lot to protect our environment in our day-to-day business.

Regenerative energies

Our photovoltaic system produces an annual yield of 110,000 kwh. We store our self-produced electricity in our own modules. This makes us self-sufficient in electricity!

Electric vehicle fleet

Meanwhile 5 electric cars belong to our vehicle fleet. These are charged with self-produced electricity!

Social responsibility

We offer our employees family-friendly working hours through part-time models, flexitime and work from home.

Product range

You can read about how we have optimized our products, packaging and other materials in terms of sustainability here >>>>>.