1. Removing denim/jeans stains from leather

Brotzeit Frischkäse Radieschen

Unfortunately, jeans discolouration on leather furniture is often unavoidable without special protection.

Particularly on light-coloured leather furniture (or car seats), unsightly denim discolouration can occur in a relatively short time. The colour pigments from the clothing literally "migrate" into the leather surface and can no longer be removed with conventional cleaners.

Here we show you how to gently and thoroughly remove the discolouration with the professional KERALUX® Jeans Cleaning Set.

jeansabfärbungen leder

Typical jeans discolouration

Without special protection, jeans discolouration on light-coloured leather cannot be avoided in everyday life. The good news: with the KERALUX® Jeans Cleaning Set, everything can be easily removed again!

jeansabfärbungen leder reinigen

Cleaning with a brush

We recommend using a soft brush for the KERALUX® Cleaner Active Plus. This allows the cleaning foam to be distributed well over the entire leather surface.

jeansabfärbungen leder reinigen

Cleaning foam...

... allow to work in well. This allows the foam to penetrate the pores and spaces between the pores and develop its cleaning effect.

jeansabfärbung vorher nachher

Before - After

Here we have half/half cleaned a white leather chair. The treated side is like new!


<< Our recommendation

Especially for the gentle and thorough removal of jeans discolouration on pigmented smooth leather.


Remove jeans discolouration!

We show you how to gently and safely remove denim stains >>>

leder schutz jeans

Expert tip: PREVENT!

The high-quality KERALUX® Strong Protector with special long-term active ingredient complex offers leather protection against premature soiling and thus ensures the long-lasting beauty of leather furniture!

In particular, KERALUX® Strong Protector protects leather against colour abrasion, e.g. dark jeans discolouration.


2. Cleaning jeans stains on textile upholstery covers

PURATEX® Strong Cleaning Set for textile upholstery
Thorough cleaning & stain removing for textile upholstery

Thorough cleaning & stain removing for textile upholstery:

  • cleans highly effectively
  • removes even older and stubborn stains and soiling
  • gentle, completely without bleach
  • dermatologically tested with "very good"
  • complete with accessories (cloth, brush)
500 ml PURATEX® Strong Cleaner, brush, cloth
24,95 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
PURATEX Cleaning Set for synthetic fibres
Thorough cleaning of synthetic fibre upholstery

Perfectly suited to clean synthetic fibre upholstery furniture.

Ideal for treating

  • everyday soiling
  • stubborn and older soiling
  • stains
500 ml PURATEX® Cleaner for synthetic fibres, brush, 2 clothes
29,90 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
PURATEX® Cleaning Set for microfibre
Thorough cleaning and stain removing

Ideal for thorough cleaning and stain treatment of microfibre upholstery, including Alcantara.

Removes stains of all kinds, e.g.

  • food and drink stains
  • oily and greasy stains
  • dirt
  • pet stains and much more.

Dermatologically tested with "very good"!

500 ml PURATEX® Cleaner, brush, cork, cloth
28,95 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
PURATEX® Strong Protector for textile upholstery
High-efficient impregnation against stains

Giving a basic protection to a non-treated textile upholstery. Furthermore, this product is to renew the protection after intensive cleaning with the suitable PURATEX® Cleaner. 

500 ml PURATEX® Strong Protector
39,40 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping

3. Remove jeans discolouration on artificial leather

Accessory Set I
Ideal for upholstery cleaning

Practical accessory set - ideal for thorough cleaning and care of upholstered furniture.

  • Suitable for upholstered furniture covers made of leather, fabric or imitation leather
  • High-quality and washable cleaning sponge that transforms liquid cleaners into a soft and wash-active foam
  • Soft care cloth, lint-free and washable
  • Gentle cleaning brush. Indispensable for thorough cleaning and stain removal on upholstery covers
1 cleaning sponge, 1 cloth, 1 soft brush
3,80 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
SEDICUR Cleaner for artificial leather
Cleaning & stain removing

Effective cleaner. Removes oily and greasy soiling just
as well as, for example, food and beverage stains, even discolourations from jeans!  

200 ml
15,60 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
SEDICUR Kunstleder Hydro Fluid
Care for artificial leather

The ideal care for artificial leather after every cleaning procedure:

  • provides precious care
  • spends important moisture
  • ensures a pleasant, smooth grip
200 ml SEDICUR® Hydro Fluid
14,00 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
SEDICUR Strong Protector for artificial leather
Protection for artificial leather

Effective protection against premature soiling, e.g. from jeans staining.

100 ml SEDICUR® Strong Protector
14,65 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping

However, if the colour abrasion has already penetrated too deeply into the fabric, only a specialist upholstery company can help. We will be happy to forward a contact person. Tel. +49 (0)7251 / 96250

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