Buying leather furniture online?

Buying a new leather sofa should be a well-considered decision. Leather furniture is quite expensive due to the high-quality cover material, so you shouldn't take any risks when buying.

In our opinion, when buying leather furniture, nothing beats a first appraisal “in real life”. Especially with leather, the feel plays a major role. How does the leather feel, is it soft and non-slip or rather cold and rigid? Is the leather cover flawless or are there visible “imperfections” that are annoying?

And yet it is perfectly possible to order your new leather sofa online. We have put together a list of things you should bear in mind here.

Tips for buying furniture on the Internet

Be careful with “bargains”

Super-saver prices on the Internet often turn out to be a mere loss leader. Good leather has its price, even with online retailers. Check carefully:

  • Are there contact persons who can be reached in the event of a problem/question?
  • Is there perhaps a store where you can see the furniture on site?
  • Check the legal notice and the terms and conditions of the store operator, the right of withdrawal, the right to make a complaint, etc.

Real leather?

It is not uncommon to find “veiled” descriptions in the material designation. Make sure:

  • Is it really genuine leather?
  • It is not uncommon for genuine leather to be suggested, but in reality it is artificial leather, which is disguised with decorative descriptions such as “textile leather”, “leathertex” or “vegan leather”.
  • Is the entire set made of real leather or only parts of it?

Invoice / proof of delivery

Online retailers often do not include invoices with the delivery.

  • Always ask for the commercial invoice to which you are legally entitled and make sure that the product description (material specifications/leather designations) is stated. Otherwise you will have no proof in the event of a complaint.
  • To be on the safe side, print out a screen printout of the offer for the purchase in the event of discrepancies.

Right to material information

According to the law on the provision of products on the market (Product Safety Act - ProdSG), you are entitled to the following information about the leather furniture you have purchased.

  • The exact leather designation, the type of leather (DIN 68871), the leather thickness, the light fastness and the rub fastness (dry, wet, perspiration).
  • Ask for this information before you buy. Ask for this legally required information after the purchase at the latest. If you do not receive this information on time, you may be entitled to return the furniture.

Manufacturer information

Ask which company is the manufacturer, where the leather comes from or where it was tanned.

If the manufacturer is, for example, a well-known upholstered furniture manufacturer from Germany / Europe (e.g. ROLF BENZ, COR, W.Schillig, Koinor, Dietsch, Erpo, PM Oelsa), you can usually rely on the brand.

Don't hesitate to ask for verifiable references.


Most online retailers are connected to a rating system. With reputable rating portals (e.g. Trusted Shops), you can usually rely on the ratings.

However, you should still be vigilant when reading customer reviews.

  • Beware of unknown rating seals

Our recommendation: Buy leather furniture in a local furniture store

Leather is a very sensual covering material for upholstered furniture. It is therefore advisable to touch and feel the leather at the furniture retailer before buying.


  • The sales staff in the furniture store are usually knowledgeable and committed
  • Ask the sales staff specific questions about the leather, the origin of the leather and the service, e.g. complaints or objections.

But you should also pay attention to the following when buying a leather couch in a furniture store:

  • Beware of absolute bargain offers. Is there a “catch”?
  • Is the material description clear? “Textile leather”, “Ledertex”, “Napalon leather” are not genuine leather, but types of artificial leather. The information is often “disguised” or sometimes the description is even wrong.
  • Check the exact product description (material specifications/leather designations) in the order and on the invoice. Above all, the type and designation of the leather must be specified precisely, otherwise you will have no evidence in the event of a complaint. Keep the information material together with the delivery bill and the invoice.
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