Removing candle wax from pigmented leather

Allow the wax stain to cool and dry well. Then remove the wax residue very carefully using the back of a knife. Be very careful not to damage the leather surface. Clean the remaining stains with KERALUX® Cleaner Active Plus. Finally, treat the leather with KERALUX® Care Lotion P.

Especially with red candles, it can happen that not only greasy stains remain after removing the wax residue, but also red discolouration. If red dyes have migrated into the leather, only a leather specialist can help. Click here to find a leather specialist in your area.

Removing candle wax from leather

Cleaning instructions

Product recommendations:

KERALUX Cleaning Set Active Plus
Removes oily/greasy stains and colour transfer from jeans on pigmented leather

Highly effective cleaning set with brush, sponge and cloth.

  • for removing oily and greasy stains (e.g. cream, oil, chocolate, etc.)
  • highly effective with colour transfer (e.g. from jeans)
200 ml KERALUX® Cleaner Active Plus, brush, sponge, cloth
20,70 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Care Lotion P
Rich regenerating care for pigmented leather

Regenerating care with rich formula of active ingredients. Optimally suited to pigmented smooth leather and semi-aniline. The lotion nourishes the leather after cleaning:

  • important moisture to prevent drying out
  • optimum refatting for a soft grip
  • protection against water, grease and dirt
  • sun protection against premature fading
  • antioxidants for long shelf life
  • water-based, without solvents
  • dermatologically tested and rated "very good"
200 ml KERALUX® Care Lotion P
18,95 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
Accessory Set I
Ideal for upholstery cleaning

Practical accessory set - ideal for thorough cleaning and care of upholstered furniture.

  • Suitable for upholstered furniture covers made of leather, fabric or imitation leather
  • High-quality and washable cleaning sponge that transforms liquid cleaners into a soft and wash-active foam
  • Soft care cloth, lint-free and washable
  • Gentle cleaning brush. Indispensable for thorough cleaning and stain removal on upholstery covers
1 cleaning sponge, 1 cloth, 1 soft brush
3,80 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping

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