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Removing sweat stains

You don't just sweat in the summer when it's hot, but perhaps also in winter when the heating is on or after hard work. This can lead to sweat stains on the leather sofa.

The same applies here: it is best to clean as soon as you notice them and not wait until the stains have penetrated deep into the leather.

Please note that different cleaning methods are used depending on the sofa cover material.

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# Smooth leather

The more open-pored the leather, the faster it absorbs sweat and other liquids. As a result, unsightly stains, edges or stains can become visible after a while.

If these are not cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis, the increased pH value and the mineral ingredients of the sweat stains can even cause considerable damage to the leather surface.

The KERALUX® Cleaning set for sweat and stains is ideal for effectively treating such stains.


Cleaning sweat stains on pigmented leather

Instructions for removing sweat stains

Removing sweat stains from pure aniline leather

How do you clean sweat stains on natural leather?

# Artificial leather

Sweat stains on imitation leather furniture can be cleaned very well with the SEDICUR® Cleaner.

The best results are achieved if you react immediately and do not give the liquid time to soak into the upholstery.

After removing stains, apply SEDICUR® Hydro Fluid, wait for one day then treat the artificial leather with SEDICUR® Strong Protector.



# Textile upholstery covers

The PURATEX® Strong Cleaning Set contains everything you need to thoroughly clean textile upholstery.

With the PURATEX® Strong Cleaner, even stubborn and older stains can be cleaned very well and in a very gentle way - completely without bleach. Suitable for all textile covers (including wool), but not for silk.

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PURATEX Cleaning Set for synthetic fibres
Thorough cleaning of synthetic fibre upholstery

Perfectly suited to clean synthetic fibre upholstery furniture.

Ideal for treating

  • everyday soiling
  • stubborn and older soiling
  • stains
500 ml PURATEX® Cleaner for synthetic fibres, brush, 2 clothes
29,90 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
PURATEX® Cleaning Set for microfibre
Thorough cleaning and stain removing

Ideal for thorough cleaning and stain treatment of microfibre upholstery, including Alcantara.

Removes stains of all kinds, e.g.

  • food and drink stains
  • oily and greasy stains
  • dirt
  • pet stains and much more.

Dermatologically tested with "very good"!

500 ml PURATEX® Cleaner, brush, cork, cloth
28,95 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
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