Olive-leaf tanned leather

Premium leather with olive leaf tanning

Olive-leaf tanned leathers (also known as olive leather) are, as the name suggests, vegetable tanned with tanning agents from olive leaves. Extracts with a tanning effect are obtained from olive leaves by extraction and evaporation.

By using olive leaf tanning agents, olive leaves, which are a by-product of the olive harvest, are put to good use. All residues from the tanning process are completely recyclable or biodegradable.


Outstanding leather properties
  •  excellent grain adhesion
  • good surface properties
  • good shrinkage behavior (even in changing climates)
  • high dimensional stability
  • pleasant fullness
  • dense fiber structure
  • excellent embossability
  • good tear and tensile strength
  • versatile in use (furniture, automotive, clothing, ...)
  • easy further processing

olivenblatt leder


12 of the approx. 15 million tons of olives harvested annually come from Europe. Around 1 million tons of olive leaves and 30 million tons of olive waste are produced every year. Until now, olive tree leaves have not been used commercially but have been burned.

The use of olive tree leaves as a tanning agent is sustainable in two respects: cattle hides, a waste product of the food industry, are turned into leather using a natural raw material that is produced every year during the olive harvest.

Special features when caring for the leather

Olive-leaf tanned leather can be produced as aniline, semi-aniline or pigmented leather.

This highly sensitive leather requires specially formulated care products. We recommend the professional KERALUX Leather Care Set O.

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