Pull-up leather

Pull-up leather is aniline-dyed, usually nubucked (slightly roughened) leather with a greasy oil/wax finish.

Care tips


Properties of pull-up leather

Through everyday use, typical signs of use, especially a patina, form relatively quickly. This effect is characteristic and intentional. Unfortunately, the customer is not always adequately informed about this when purchasing seating furniture with pull-up leather upholstery and is therefore disappointed or even annoyed when a patina appears after a short time.


Care recommendation

The KERALUX® Leather Care Set S is perfect for the regular cleaning and care of saddle leather (leather with a waxed surface). The KERALUX® Soft Cleaner gently yet thoroughly removes dirt particles from the pores of the leather. The rich KERALUX® Care Lotion S can then be ideally absorbed. This provides the leather with optimum moisture and refatting and thus maintains the waxy, special grip.


Our tip:

With normal use of the leather furniture, we recommend a quarterly application rhythm. This keeps the leather optimally maintained and retains its beauty for a long time.

Care recommendations for pull-up leather

KERALUX Leather Care Set S
Cleaning · Care & Protection for waxed saddle leather
High-quality care set perfectly adapted to waxed saddle leather.
  • Gentle and pore-deep cleaning, solvent-free
  • Rich care optimally nourishes the leather
  • Valuable moisture and optimum refatting
  • Maintenance of the waxy surface
  • Reliable protection against drying out
  • Equalizes small scratches
200 ml KERALUX® Soft Cleaner, 200 ml KERALUX® Care Lotion S, sponge, cloth, instruction
28,90 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Soft Cleaner
Gentle and pore-deep cleaning

Ideal for gentle and pore-deep cleaning.

  • Ideal for regular preventive maintenance care of leather furniture
  • Removes light superficial soiling from everyday use
  • Ideal for all types of leather.
200 ml KERALUX® Soft Cleaner
10,15 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Strong Cleaner
For stronger soiling like beverage stains

Highly effective yet gentle leather cleaner.

  • For removing heavy water-soluble stains from everyday life
  • Ideal for food and beverage stains such as coke, ketchup, ice cream, etc.
  • Dermatologically tested with "very good", solvent-free
  • Suitable for all types of leather
200 ml KERALUX® Strong Cleaner
13,75 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Degreaser Spray
Removes oily and greasy stains from leather

Degreaser Spray for smooth leather and nubuck.

  • for cleaning oily and greasy stains
  • spray dries out to a fine powder with the dissolved grease
  • simply vacuum the residues
  • retreat with KERALUX® Strong Cleaner
200 ml KERALUX® Degreaser Spray
18,80 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Care Lotion S
Care & protection for waxed saddle leather

Rich care especially for waxed saddle leather. After cleaning, it optimally regenerates the wax layer and thus eliminates scratches and colour changes.

200 ml KERALUX® Care Lotion S
18,75 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Leather Balm
Intensive care for old, rough and dried-out leather

Intensive and rich balm especially for regenerating older, brittle, cracked and dried-out smooth leather.

  •  nourishes richly with moisture and refatting
  • restores the wonderfully soft feel of the leather
  • noticeable success after just one application
  • counteracts squeaking and creaking noises
    from leather
200 ml KERALUX® Leather Balm
18,50 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
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