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CORALUX 3 in 1 Combi-Set for car interieur

26,50 €
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The CORALUX® 3 in1 Combi-Set offers everything you need for thorough cleaning, effective care and optimum protection of genuine leather / artificial leather combinations in cars!
The CORALUX® cleaner is ideal for the intensive cleaning of car seat covers made of genuine or imitation leather. Especially oil and grease containing dirt as well as color abrasion, e.g. from jeans, can be removed with it. Subsequently, the deep-acting CORALUX® Leather Care Lotion provides the seat covers with valuable moisture, and it contains sun protection against premature fading. In the third step, CORALUX® Strong Protector offers car seat covers made of genuine leather/artificial leather combinations optimum protection against premature soiling, especially against jeans transfer.
Used regularly, your car seat covers will remain attractive and beautiful for a long time.

Content: 200 ml Cleaner, 200 ml Care Lotion, 100 ml Strong Protector, brush, sponge, 2 cloths

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