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Cleaner for Linoleum

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Ideal for thorough cleaning of linoleum surfaces.

Shake well before use and pretest on a hidden area. Put some Linoleum Cleaner on a soft and lint-free cloth and rub in. Apply
it to the linoleum surface thinly and evenly with light circular movements. Always clean the whole area, from edge to edge – never
punctually. Then wipe the surface with a damp cotton cloth. Use distilled water to prevent lime deposits.

Important notes: For everyday cleaning, use a soft, clean and damp cotton cloth (no microfibres). Localized dirt can also
be removed with a soft, white eraser (e. g. Staedtler eraser). It is important that the eraser does not contain any abrasives.
Liquids, especially red wine and moist substances must be immediately wiped with a soft cloth! Hot items (from 70 °C on ) must
not be placed directly on linoleum! Always use coasters. In no case linoleum may come into contact with alkaline agents. They will
damage the surface and thus the „self-healing properties“ of the material.

Price per 100 ml: 8,47 €
Content: 250 ml

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