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KERALUX® Ballpoint Pen Remover II

19,70 €
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Stain remover for older pen, lipstick and ink stains for use on smooth leather (pure aniline, semi-aniline, pigmented leather). Do not use on nubuck/suede leather, artificial and synthetic leather.

Shake bottle well before use. Moisten a clean cotton swab with stain remover. Important! Pretest on a hidden area whether the remover discolours sensitive leather. (If yes, please contact a professional!). Dab the stain without pressure, remove the stain substance and absorb immediately with a paper towel. Work on the same area
at maximum five seconds without interruption. Let the leather dry completely. Repeat if necessary. Then treat with KERALUX® Soft Cleaner and KERALUX® Care Lotion A or P according to instructions.

Content: 50 ml KERALUX® Ballpoint Pen Remover II, 1 cloth

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