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KERALUX® Cleaner V

12,70 €
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Leather can only absorb care products if its pores have been cleaned and any dirt particles removed prior to application.

Shake well before use. Apply some KERALUX® Cleaner V to a soft sponge and cause foam by squeezing it. Never apply directly to the leather.
Now clean the leather with light circular movements to remove the dirt. Then wipe the leather with a damp cotton cloth. Use distilled water to prevent lime deposits.
Always clean the whole area of the leather from seam to seam. Let the leather dry thoroughly.

After cleaning apply the suitable KERALUX® Care Lotion.

Price per 100 ml: € 5,85

Price per 100 ml: 6,35 €
Content: 200 ml KERALUX® Cleaner V, 1 sponge

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KERALUX® Leather Care Set V for leather with vintage-effect

Perfect for the regular maintenance cleaning and care of leathers with vintage-effect.

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29,50 €
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Item number: 3096
KERALUX® Care Lotion V for leather with vintage-effect

Care and maintenance of the soft grip of all types of leather with vintage-effect.

content: 200 ml

22,80 €
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Item number: 3095
KERALUX® Protection Spray N with sun protection

KERALUX® Protection Spray N protects against water, grease, dirt, early fading and refreshes the colour.

Use on nubuck, suede and leather with vintage-effect.

28,95 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
Item number: 6090/1

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