Der KERALUX® Reiniger für vegetabil/pflanzlich gegerbte Leder wurde speziell entwickelt, um pflanzlich gegerbte Leder schonend zu reinigen, ohne die Oberfläche zu beschädigen. Die Rezeptur ist ideal dem für diese Art der Gerbung typischen PH-Wert angepasst und daher optimal geeignet.

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KERALUX® Cleaner for vegetable tanned leather

Vegetable-tanned leather is very sensitive. Cleaning with water or a neutral cleaner is not possible as this destroys the surface of this type of leather.

The KERALUX® Cleaner for vegetable tanned leather has been specially developed to gently clean vegetable-tanned leather without damaging the surface. The formula is ideally adapted to the pH value typical for this type of tanning and is therefore ideally suited.

vegetable tanned leather

Remove coarse dirt thoroughly with a clean, very soft brush or the clean upholstery nozzle of the vaccum cleaner (max. 500 watts). Shake bottle well before use. Apply some KERALUX® Cleaner to a soft sponge and squeeze lightly to create a foam.
Never apply it directly to the leather. Treat the stain from outside to inside without pressure and clean afterwards evenly from seam to seam. The leather darkens extremely due to the absorption of moisture, the colour alteration will fade during the drying
of the leather. Therefore, let it dry well! Do not clean with a damp cloth afterwards!

Then treat with the KERALUX® Care Lotion for vegetable tanned leather.

200 ml
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