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PURATEX® Kunstfaser Pflege-Set ActiveLine Plus Service Warranty Starter Set

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Shake bottle well before use. Never apply the cleaner directly to the fabric cover! Apply the cleaner to enclosed cloth and clean the upholstered furniture from seam to seam with light circular movements. If the furniture is heavily soiled, repeat the cleaning procedure. Then moisten a clean, lint-free cotton cloth with demineralised cleaning water and clean over a large area. Dab the damp surface dry with a clean cotton cloth.
Please note: Colouring and discolouration cannot be removed with the cleaner. If stains have already been treated with other cleaning products, they may no longer be removable.


Content: 200 ml Demineralised Water, 200 ml Cleaner for Synthetic Fibres, 1 Glove, 1 Brush, 1 Cloth

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