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SEDICUR® Combined Set

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The SEDICUR® Cleaner is perfectly suited for the intensive cleaning of artificial leather furniture. Oily and greasy stains such as colour transfer, e. g. from jeans, are particularly easy to remove with this product.

We recommend treating the artificial leather with SEDICUR® Strong Protector after cleaning. The premium SEDICUR® Strong Protector contains a special component to give an effective and longlasting protection for light coloured artificial leather against early soiling, e. g. colour transfer from dark jeans, and helps to maintain the beauty of your artificial leather furniture. It also improves the abrasion. With regular use (after maintenance cleaning with SEDICUR® Cleaner), pale imitation leather remains perfectly protected.

Content: 200 ml SEDICUR® Cleaner, 100 ml SEDICUR® Strong Protector, brush, sponge, 2 cloths

As an accompaniment to this product we recommend:

Cleaning Glove

The Cleaning Glove is suitable to remove dust regularly from your leather, textile and artificial leather upholstery.

10,60 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
Item number: 0111

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