Vintage leather

Leather with a vintage effect is leather that looks like old/used leather. This so-called "used look" is intentional and is what makes vintage leather so specific.

Different types of leather can be "trimmed" to look old, so the definition is not always entirely clear. Semi-nubuck leathers, for example, are typical vintage leathers because they change quickly with use and look "old".

Superficial scratches or colour differences on the leather surface cannot be avoided over time and are not a defect.

Care tips

Leather with a vintage effect...

...are currently very much in vogue. These are smooth or suede leathers which are refined with a lively "effect finish" (wax layer) after tanning and dyeing. This creates a stylish antique look.

Leather with a vintage-effect is very soft and has a good grip, but is also very sensitive and easily susceptible to stains and signs of wear. Regular maintenance care is particularly important here.

Care recommendation

The high-quality KERALUX® Care Set V offers an ideal combination of professional cleaning and care for sensitive vintage leather.

KERALUX® Cleaner V gently yet thoroughly removes dirt particles from the pores of the leather. The KERALUX® Care Lotion V for leather with a vintage-effect can then be ideally absorbed. This provides the leather with optimum moisture and refatting, giving it a special waxy grip.

Our tip

With normal use of the leather furniture, we recommend a quarterly application rhythm. This keeps the leather optimally cared for and retains its beauty for a long time.

You can find our complete range of cleaners and care products for leather types with a vintage-effect >>here.

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