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We admit it – we are true fans. Leather fascinates us with its vitality every day anew, because it just feels wonderful, is so supple and pleasant.

Leather is made from a piece of nature. This is something you can see, feel and smell. Not a material "off the roll", but unique and individual, just as the animal whose hide it was created from. Tanning, that is to say the preservation of animal hides, is a craft with a tradition that goes back thousands of years. Even though the manufacturing processes have changed over time, leather has lost nothing of its fascination.

Unlike any other material, leather is both archaic and modern at the same time.

We all come into contact with leather in our everyday lives – our shoes, furniture, bags, balls, cases, dog leashes and many other things are made of leather. No other material for upholstery, car interiors or items of clothing is as closely connected with nature and as natural. And to speak in contemporary terms, leather is a sustainable material: a waste product from the food industry is used to make a wonderful, versatile and valued material.

And because we love leather so much and want to be able to enjoy it for a long time, we have taken on the task of the professional cleaning and care of leather. This is because the agreeable properties and qualities of leather will only be retained with regular and, above all, the right care. A reason for this is that in contrast to our human skin, leather can no longer regenerate itself and relies on our help.

Our comprehensive and high-quality KERALUX® range of cleaning and care products has everything needed to ensure that leather remains well cared for and beautiful for a long time to come. For over 30 years we have dedicated our lifeblood to the development and production of leather care products. In this, we work very closely with tanneries and manufacturers in the leather processing industry. We incorporate all of our expertise and passion for leather into all of our products.

If you are also a leather lover, you will take great enjoyment from reading through our website. Learn everything about leather, its historical background, how it is produced, and the special characteristics of the different types of leather. Afterwards, it may have made it easier for you to select real leather upholstered furniture.

And you will understand why our hearts beat for this sophisticated, sensual and simply great natural material.