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smooth leather

Around 90% of all leather sofas are made of pigmented smooth leather. The name comes from the fact that an additional layer of colour is applied to the leather after tanning and dyeing. This serves to conceal minor blemishes on the skin, but also offers good protection against stains.

It is the ideal type of leather for a turbulent, uncomplicated everyday sofa life.



Pigmented leather is coated with an additional layer of colour pigment after the tanning and dyeing process (hence the name). Pores, the individual skin texture and scars or other individual characteristics of the cowhide disappear completely under this layer of paint.

Some pigmented leathers are even given an artificial grain pattern to imitate the structure of the hide.


Maintenance effort

The surface treatment also offers a high level of protection against stains thanks to the colour layer applied, as liquids cannot penetrate deep into the leather. This makes pigmented smooth leather robust, easy to care for and uncomplicated.

Due to its high durability, this type of leather is "very suitable for everyday use" and is less prone to fading.



Pigmented leathers are coated with an additional layer of colour pigment after the tanning and dyeing process. Under this layer of paint, pores, the individual skin texture and scars or other individual features of the cowhide disappear completely.

The thickness of this layer of colour usually depends on how much damage (burn marks, scars, insect bites, etc.) is visible, as these need to be concealed.

In some cases, the colour layer even covers the natural skin structure and an artificial scar image is therefore applied to imitate the skin structure. Artificial embossing can also be used for fashion reasons, e.g. to imitate crocodile or ostrich skin.



  • Pigmented leathers are robust, durable, easy to care for and attractively priced.
  • The leather structure on the surface is very uniform due to the artificial embossing
  • Reacts easily to sunlight, is more lightfast than aniline leather due to the protective colour layer.
  • It is very easy to clean, as e.g. spilled liquids do not penetrate the leather due to the colour top layer, but remain on the surface.

What else you should know...

The applied colour top layer offers very good protection against the penetration of food or drink stains, for example. However, just as wine or coffee stains cannot penetrate the leather, neither can body heat or moisture.

Pigmented leather therefore often appears cool, is somewhat harder and more brittle than natural leather.

On really hot days, the leather tends to transpire, on cold days it can appear cool.

Why is it called smooth leather even though the surface is not smooth at all?

Smooth leather is the collective term for all types of leather that are made from the "grain side" of the animal's rawhide. In other words, from the upper side on which, for example, the hide of cattle grew.

Even if it is called smooth leather, the appearance can be structured, grained, smooth or embossed, depending on the type of final finishing (e.g. by coating, embossing, varnishing, etc.).

Recommended cleaning and care products for pigmented smooth leather

KERALUX Leather Care Set P
Perfect care combination for pigmented leather
High-quality Leather Care Set with cleaner, care lotion, sponge and cloth. Perfectly matched to pigmented leather, semi-aniline and Longlife leather.
  • Gentle and pore-deep cleaning, solvent-free
  • Rich care optimally nourishes the leather
  • Valuable moisture and optimum refatting
  • Reliable protection against drying out
  • With sun protection against colour fading
  • With valuable antioxidants for a long lifetime
  • Dermatologically tested "very good"!
200 ml KERALUX® Soft Cleaner, 200 ml KERALUX® Care Lotion P, sponge, cloth, instruction
29,10 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Soft Cleaner
Gentle and pore-deep cleaning

Ideal for gentle and pore-deep cleaning.

  • Ideal for regular preventive maintenance care of leather furniture
  • Removes light superficial soiling from everyday use
  • Ideal for all types of leather.
200 ml KERALUX® Soft Cleaner
10,15 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Strong Cleaner
For stronger soiling like beverage stains

Highly effective yet gentle leather cleaner.

  • For removing heavy water-soluble stains from everyday life
  • Ideal for food and beverage stains such as coke, ketchup, ice cream, etc.
  • Dermatologically tested with "very good", solvent-free
  • Suitable for all types of leather
200 ml KERALUX® Strong Cleaner
13,75 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Cleaning Set Active Plus
Removes oily/greasy stains and colour transfer from jeans on pigmented leather

Highly effective cleaning set with brush, sponge and cloth.

  • for removing oily and greasy stains (e.g. cream, oil, chocolate, etc.)
  • highly effective with colour transfer (e.g. from jeans)
200 ml KERALUX® Cleaner Active Plus, brush, sponge, cloth
20,70 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Cleaning Set for sweat and grease
Cleans stains from sweat and grease

Ideal for thorough cleaning of

  • stains from sweat
  • greasy stains
200 ml Degreaser Spray, 200 ml Strong Cleaner, sponge, brush, cloth, instruction
34,00 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Jeans Cleaning Set
Removes jeans stains

The KERALUX® Jeans Cleaning Set was especially developed to deeply and carefully remove jeans stains from pigmented smooth leather.

  • Pretreatment with Cleaner Active Plus
  • Special treatment with Jeans Cleaner
  • incl. accessories
250 ml KERALUX Cleaner Active Plus P, 45 ml KERALUX Jeans Cleaner, brush, 2 cloths, glove, instructions
38,00 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Degreaser Spray
Removes oily and greasy stains from leather

Degreaser Spray for smooth leather and nubuck.

  • for cleaning oily and greasy stains
  • spray dries out to a fine powder with the dissolved grease
  • simply vacuum the residues
  • retreat with KERALUX® Strong Cleaner
200 ml KERALUX® Degreaser Spray
18,80 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Magic Ink Roller I Plus
Remover for fresh stains (not older than five days) from pens,
ink and lipstick

Roll-on pen for pigmented leather:

  • ideal for removing fresh stains (not older than 5 days) from pens
  • removes also fresh stains from ink, lipstick and nail polish
  • incl. accessories
10 ml KERALUX® Magic Ink Roller I Plus, 1 cloth
14,90 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Care Lotion P
Rich regenerating care for pigmented leather

Regenerating care with rich formula of active ingredients. Optimally suited to pigmented smooth leather and semi-aniline. The lotion nourishes the leather after cleaning:

  • important moisture to prevent drying out
  • optimum refatting for a soft grip
  • protection against water, grease and dirt
  • sun protection against premature fading
  • antioxidants for long shelf life
  • water-based, without solvents
  • dermatologically tested and rated "very good"
200 ml KERALUX® Care Lotion P
18,95 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Leather Balm
Intensive care for old, rough and dried-out leather

Intensive and rich balm especially for regenerating older, brittle, cracked and dried-out smooth leather.

  •  nourishes richly with moisture and refatting
  • restores the wonderfully soft feel of the leather
  • noticeable success after just one application
  • counteracts squeaking and creaking noises
    from leather
200 ml KERALUX® Leather Balm
18,50 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Strong Protector P
Optimum protection against soiling (especially from jeans)

The perfect long-term protection for light-coloured leather against soiling and jeans discolouration!

  • Used regularly, light-coloured leather furniture remain clean and protected for a long time
  • Effectiveness tested and confirmed by VDA tests
200 ml KERALUX® Strong Protector P, 2 cloths
24,20 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
KERALUX Colour Repair Set P according to sample
Colour refreshment of pigmented leather / Longlife leather

Ideal for refreshing the colour of slightly faded pigmented smooth leather. The colour lotion is mixed exactly according to the leather sample!

  • for refreshing the colour of slightly faded leather
  • for repairing small scratches
  • leather looks like new
200 ml KERALUX® Cleaner, 200 ml KERALUX® Colour Lotion P, sponge, cloth, glove
39,85 €
incl. VAT, plus shipping
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